Nessa is a Robot

Today was a very long day. I’m glad is over. And more, I’m glad I didn’t just survive it, but it was a successful day in the end.

I’m still glad it ended. I spent 40 entire hours inside the hospital. There’s so much work.  I didn’t even shower the whole time.


Sometimes at the hospital, when I’m bored or too tired my mind starts to wander. One of my recurrent daydreams, besides being able to fly away from there, is that something unknown happens and everyone wakes up locked in without a memory of who they are or what they do. It would be interesting to know what happens. The people who work in a hospital are so immersed in their role, the hierarchy it’s so marked.  I’m not me anymore, I’m just some internal medicine intern.  Some of the people I talk to everyday are not people, they are Patient # 151, some Nurse, some Resident, fellow Intern.  In the end we’re not people but pieces of machinery working the way we were designed to in order to make things run smoothly.

I’m not complaining.  It’s a system, and it has to be efficient, and it’s work.

But after such a long shift like the one I just had, I just kinda forget I belong to the world of humans.  I feel more like a lonely, purple gear.

I hope I get to see some outsiders tomorrow so I feel less of a machine.


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