Happy Nessa’s birthday to everyone!

Yes, it’s a public holiday now.Everyone has to… uhh… spin on your head and wear orange clothes.

Don’t ask.

Apparently I am, as of today, Twenty-One years old.




It doesn’t make much sense.

People have asked me what it feels like to be twenty one.

Well, it’s pretty much the same thing I’ve felt every birthday.

Just getting old and more confused.

Despite my ramblings, today was a good day actually. I had to work ALL day, but my mates gave me lots of food and spoiled me. That’s all I need to be happy. Jaime made me remember that time when I had my 16 birthday at uni and he gave me a chocolate bar… I was such a little girl. I used to have a crush on him back then, and he was really annoying back then. It’s kind of cool that we ended up being good friends… gosh… he’s all grown up now. I’m so proud of him. Edgar made me an improvised cake with matches as candles. Juan bought me an ice cream but I was too full to eat it. I think I left it in the fridge at the hospital! I hope he doesn’t find it.

I ended up filled with candy like a piñata, and covered in colored paper, again, like a piñata, just to arrive home and find a huge cake. 😀

I’m going to wake up tomorrow at 4 am, older and more lost. And probably with a huge stomachache.

And angry…

I got my hair straightened again last week, after a year. PERMANENT STRAIGHTENING. Last year it was awesome.

This time I got the coolest hair ever. It’s freaking long, and I got a cool fringe thing.

Except, when I washed it, it was curly again.

That wasn’t supposed to happen.

I want my money back.

Hey, life’s good. Still treading, but not drowning at all.



Happy birthday to me.


7 thoughts on “Happy Nessa’s birthday to everyone!

  1. wow, lots of sweet devoured in a day. 😛 wish my birthday’s like that, but first i need to tell people when’s the date, haha! glad you had a good 21st!

  2. Ow you should tell people!!!

    I’ve changed my strategy. Now I tell everyone about my birthday instead of waiting nervously for people to remember, and then feel bad because some don’t.

    I’ve just had a much better time like that you know.

    And it turns out a lot of people happened to remember about it spontaneously – or with the help of electronic reminders. 🙂

    But, for those who seem clueless, I just tell them.

  3. Yeah, the hair thing was really a bummer. I would stay curly, except that it drives me crazy! If I don’t spend lots of time in it, it looks like i has been growing upwards and was going to grow arms and grab on trees and turn me into some creepy hair demon.

    But the straight. Sure it might be more “plain” for some people. But it’s so easy to make it look good.

    Last year the straightening stayed for months. This time I got the exact same procedure, but it didn’t work.

    I haven’t had time to complain about it to the right person though. If I don’t do it soon it will be useless.

  4. Oooh! Nessa’s growing up! You’re a big girl now. Aww! Feliz cumpleanos! *throws confetti in the air* I wanna send you something. Like chocolate. *drools* Eh? Eh? What say you?

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