Half a week has passed, and instead of following the dark route I thought I was going to take, I’ve been alright.  I don’t know whether this is because I’m finally on the right drugs; because I finally took the decision of taking a break from work even though right now it doesn’t bother me; because of the cool weather, or because It’s November and I’ll be 21 in 10 days.  Frankly, I’d rather not to discuss it too much.

For me it’s always like:  I spend more time with my friends, talk more, have a more optimistic feeling of things, are more assertive, more organized, more responsible, go to parties, enjoy work, make a bigger effort on hair-make up and clothes and therefore look better than I am… BECAUSE I feel good and have a lot of energy to do all these things.

It’s not the other way around, like some have told me it is:  “See, you’re all happy now, because you have been involved in more things, got all your stuff organized, faced your problems, have this new positive attitude and got yourself all pretty looking.  You should do this more often… that way you’ll be just fine.”

They’ve got the Cause-Effect thing all backwards, hehe.
Anyway, I did not come here to rant about people.  Actually, I didn’t come here for any particular purpose, I just hit the “New Post” button to ruin my blog more than it already is.  😉

Useless Talent # 32

Soon I’m going to be making some craft work with wool (scarfs, bags, hats, etc) and maybe some Jewelry.  I learned a bit about this a long while ago, but I might use it right now because of 4 reasons:

1.   It’s now when I’m needing money the most.

2.   I’m about to have lots of time.

2.   I’ve seen people pay a lot for something that is really simple to make.

3.  Lots of people from other places coming here for the holidays, so woolen items for the ones from the cold, and jewelry for those who come from other microwave ovens like Neiva.

So, I’m going to become filthy rich! Haha… hardly.  But money doesn’t hurt at all.

Who knows, maybe being poor is the cause of my depression.  Just to add another cause-effect misconception.


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