Last night there was huge storm in the city. I was in my shift at the 6th floor, it was almost midnight, and the whole building would wheeze producing a creepy feeling that got much creepier when the power went off. Of course it came back seconds later, it was a hospital after all. I went to the last floor, near the intern dorms, and stayed a while by the balcony. The whole city was pitch black except of course the building where I was in, and some clinic far away. There were no cars in the streets because next day was election day and alcohol was prohibited -who would be in the streets on Saturday night if alcohol is not available anyway?- The storm lasted all night.

This morning though, the day woke up radiant. Besides the destroyed trees and damaged property, everything was bright and clean and sunny and cool, and all things seemed to have more color saturation than usual, like a fine gray cover of dust was taken off after being there for centuries. It felt unreal, it felt happy, but not in an euphoric way; it was more like I had finally gotten out from my brain where I have been locked, and could be just outside. To think about it, I wasn’t happy, I was “moodless”. I was just me and the world. I only remember feeling that way when I was a child. Best feeling ever.

I finished working, got out my shift, voted for random people to get my election’s certificate -that would give me a discount for next semester’s inscription at uni; went to fill my Zoloft prescription for free at my psychyatrist mom (who I didn’t know existed since my pdoc is over 65 years old. His mother looks exaclty as old as he is and looks exactly the same he would if he switched to skirts.

I fell asleep for the whole rest of the day, waking up at night to rain again. For some reason I prefer the rain, the loud rain with thunders and the clear day afterwards.


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