Rain, thoughts and pictures.

It’s been raining lately. The season that nobody likes (except a few weirdos like me) starts. And I love it. Today it was really sunny at noon, like usual. But there was this huge dark cloud hovering over a small section of the city, keeping it cool as thought as it were its favorite territory, while everywhere else you could fry an egg on the pavement, like usual. In the last minute though, the big mass of floating water decided to wander across the sky and placed itself over a different area, and then decided to pour all over it, that unfaithful bitch.

Despite having my camera broken, I still get a good use of other people’s cameras. I was sent some today by an internship friend and loved them because there are some I don’t even remember being taken. We interns really know how to use our free time.

Me. Working hard at the pediatrics ward, with stethoscope horns.

Me. Caught with Post-Shift face.

The whole group, including the scary girls. Hey, one us is missing… he was probably getting high. Wise decision if you ask me. My three best intern friends: the three guys on the right side of the attending doc (the older woman not wearing scrubs).

Lots of work, huh?

Is all the sick people gone or are you slaking off again?

Internship mates also go mad. I’m not alone.

Long corridor unusually alone.

This photo with Yina as starring symbolizes what we all feel about the internship. Note: I did not add the bars, it was sent to me like that.

Me and Diana. The 2 youngest interns at the ER with an unpleasant light effect on our mouths.

There, much better… not really.

That folks, was my sexy wink.

We’re obviously up to something evil.

We’re not the only ones who slack off.  Just look at the nurses.

Oh well, I Have to go back to work.  Seriously.

Meanwhile I dare you to look for the ice mountain in this picture.

3 thoughts on “Rain, thoughts and pictures.

  1. hey i love rain! sleeping while it’s raining is just sooooo pleasurable!

    wow, you look like you’re in the colombian version of grey’s anatomy, haha!

  2. It’s really cool to see what you look like. The pictures were very amusing with all those funny expressions. Thank you for posting them!



    p.s. Sulz! I instantly thought of Gray’s Anatomy too. Hah!

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