Happy blog birthday!

I started this blog in October 2006. Maybe not the same day though. But day ONE is always special, isn’t it?.  So I created this post in October 1st 2007.  Against all odds, this blog has survived 2 years.  In order to get ready for this year’s birthday, I am updating this.  Also, I added titles in purple, so you don’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want to.

Here it goes, 100 facts about myself.

I’ll give you a prize if you read till the end – yes I know I said the same last year and you got no prize.  This year it is true though!

1. If you stink, I can still love you. My sense of smell is very limited, not to mention, random.  I can for example smell your subtle hair product one day, but not the huge stink that pollutes the house the other. I blame my chronic hayfever for it.

2. I pay attention to the weirdest things. When I see a movie or tv show, I tend to drive my attention away from the main scene and notice the little details of the background. If main character 1 and main character 2 are having a very important discussion, chances are I will be paying attention to some of the extras having a walk somewhere near the corner of the screen.

3. I don’t like chivalry! Unless you do it as a one time joke, to look cute or something. Guess what? I have hands! I can open doors! I get paranoid I am being allowed in a place first because something horrible is waiting for me inside! Why don’t YOU go in first, and then when I don’t see your head rolling back out with a flare coming from the place that used to be your neck, then I can enter.  Every now and then I’ll have trouble opening a bottle cap because I’m tiny and I bruise like a peach, so it’s alright to ask for some help right? (see this doesn’t mean you automatically assume I can’t open bottles).  I have known how to use a hammer and screwdrivers probably before you could.  I’d like to be independent enough to ask you out on a date and flip the bill myself.  But not so fast boy, I’m not a sugar mama either.  I will just… get very angry if I see you’re treating me like “a lady”.  Hell, I am a person living in the XXI century, not the middle ages. And so not a lady… ahem.

4. I kissed a girl and I liked it. I love how girls look, but I think I’d never date one.  Let’s say I have a more broad taste for women than I do for men.  But hell, so far the guys I’ve liked exceed any of that.  I suppose it’s not a subject that worries me excessively, I’ll like whoever I like…

5. Apathetic/Libertarian?. I’ve never really been interested in politics. However, if I find myself obsessed with a specific subject, I will go passionate about it. In my country at least, no political position has appealed me enough.  I consider democracy to be the best alternative available at the moment, but far from perfect.  What is life, quality or quantity? Since when does that get decided by majority? I am not a person who is to follow authority… if your argument appeals to me, you might aswell be a very well read monkey hanging from a tree than a president.

6. I kill spoilers for the kicks. I can get entertained with basically any movie you show me. I have my favorites, but I just like to have a nice time while watching it.   However, I absolutely cannot tolerate spoilers! You’ll lose the thing above your shoulders! Remember what it is? OF. COURSE.


7. I’m completely addicted to coke. The drink kind… AND NOT DIET. (just needed to make that clear). So addicted that my diabeto-phobia hasn’t gotten in between our love. I have a distributor plant across the street, ready to feed my addiction.

8. I love to brag about my English knowledge with people who don’t know much about it. (before you say “what english knowledge? pff”, remember that my country’s main language is spanish, so it’s easy to get away with it.

9. I’m afraid of heights and it’s a relatively recent phobia I developed for some reason.  Now, I love to tease myself with this, and getting scared.   I also plan to do bungee jumping, and jump out of a flying plane with a parachute someday.

10. I can’t drive. Another year has passed, and I still can’t drive! Shame on you Nessa! Shame on you!

11. I would love to learn to Juggle. I have no idea why.  It’s so hard.  Another adittion to the long list of useless talents… well maybe it’s not that long really.

12. Snow is still something I can only imagine.

13. My pet peeve: When someone starts saying something that seems important, then turns around and says “nevermind”. Seriously. I’ve physically hurt people because of this.

14. I’m a extremely clumsy person. I have lots of bruises… you would think I suffer from domestic abuse. I can’t sit at a table without shaking it all and making liquids drop from the glasses.

15.My favorite flower is the purple sunflower. How picky am I huh? Only wanting unexistant things.

16. I am not punctual. I can’t be on time for anything unless they fool me into thinking the meeting is 15 minutes early.  I have rarely been late for work though.

17. I love to be written on. Turn my hand and write in the inside? When in movies they write their phone numbers on the back of the hand? Ahhhh… Yes it can be taken to other parts too.

18. I can feel incredibly awkward when eating and being stared at. I suppose I don’t care about this anymore! I have done it tons of times… 

19. I love the feeling of having my hair washed at the salon when they are going to cut it. The cold water running, the hair products that smell so good even to me. I haven’t been to a spa, but if it’s anything like it, I’d pay anything.

20. I tend to get laughing fits of up to 30 minutes. Barely breathing to live.

21. I can’t like a guy that is liked by many, many girls. Popularity is a turn off for me. I’ve never really had a crush on a celebrity, no matter how attractive. UPDATE: I do have celebrity crushes!

22. I’m not a music snob either. –> Hates music or movie snobs.

23. I’m an atheist. I was raised as a catholic.  Did my first communion. I know about religion, I just don’t believe it’s real. I know why people would choose to have a God in their minds, I just don’t believe it makes it true.

24. I love

25. The

26. I think the eyesight is the coolest of the senses. It’s the way I go around the world.  I couldn’t do without it, and mostly, I woulnd’t want to. I wouldn’t wish an eyesight failure on anyone.

27. I kind of tolerate my looks. I typically love make up, colors, clothes, miniskirts, but I don’t usually wear them because I’m too lazy / can’t bother / would rather spend my little energy doing something else. (And maybe I’m secretly afraid of getting to the top of my beauty and realizing it’s not much! Then where would I go? I have never been obsessed with my looks and I don’t want to start.

28. I have a thing for guys with glasses, and I hate it when they take them off.  At the same time, I’m 26.

29. I value friends more than boyfriends any day of the week. Romantic love for me seems to be a fake thing composed of animal instinct, culture, illusions. Friendship seems to be more stable and real.

30. I sometimes would like to be taller. I’m always refered to as “the shortie”. I think I’m in the 50th percentile of the height in Colombian women, but I look shorter.  I am cute and all, but yeah…

31. I have been in the mood for blondish – redish hair lately, but I can’t decolor my hair because of the chemical straightening I got. I would ruin my hair and would be bald for the next few months.

32. I’ve never been abroad.

33. I Daydream 24/7. I have a great imagination for pointless stuff.

34. I was bullied when I was a kid. And I didn’t even had braces or glasses.

35. I like to read while eating.

36. It can take me up to an hour and a half to finish my lunch.  That’s probably why I started doing other things while eating.  Can’t waste that precious time!

37. I am not organized. I often find myself being completely OCD about organisation, but I always lose the momentum really soon, so, as you can imagine, my room, bag, head, everything is a mess.

38. I am ADD, like everyone else. I Like to start things but rarely finish them.  Again, I lose the momentum and get bored and my attention goes somewhere else.

39. I secretly wish I could live forever, despite having suicidal thoughts at other times. It’s like all or nothing. Having just 1 life is heartbreaking and stressing.

40. I Hate finishing things. Books, movies, food? Because they ended! I keep wondering what else is going to happen next.  Imagining is not the same, because I’m in control of what happens and it wouldn’t surprise me! So, don’t expect to see me writing fanfics.

41. Never been on a plane.

42. My image of myself changes constantly and is easily affected by external output. (not physical image, more like mental image) I can go from self adoration to self loathing really easily. With other people though, I see more shades of gray.

43. I am far from prude… in theory. Very deep inside I think of myself as a sexually liberated, feminist person but in reality I don’t know much, and haven’t done much.  However, there’s a lot I could do.

44. I’m less sensitive to collective pain than I am to individual pain. I don’t really care much when there’s a big fire and everyone dies, but I can cry to see a single person suffering. I guess the big tragedies are too abstract to feel anything. Maybe they happen too often in here and you just get used to them.  But most likely it is because they are too abstract.

45. I would love to live in an english speaking country.

46. I cry easily when professors yell at me, but I’m almost never really sad or ashamed, it’s just a reflex.

47. When I’m actually depressed I rarely cry, much less in public. I just go quiet and inmobile and disappear.

48. My favorite day of the year is my birthday.

49. I think patriotism-regionalism-etc is stupid, I should like what I like because I feel good about it, not just because I belong to it.

50. Never had a real boyfriend for over a month. My longest relationship was 4 months.  I wasn’t too into it anyhow.  I guess I’m more picky than that.

51. I used to dance choreographies of pop songs in secondary school (think Oops I did it again and Jennifer Lopez stuff). Embarrassing enough, but I was a kid, so bite me.

52. I pull my hair out a lot, one by one.  This is called Trichotillomania and it’s related to serotonin deficiency (same thing that happens with depression).  I’ve had it forever and it’s restricted to my head.  When I was a kid I used to get bald patches.  I guess later I learned to do it in a way that it causes no visible effect. I have so much hair that I consider it kind of a control measure so I don’t look like cousin it.

53. I had braces for almost 5 years. GONE NOW WHHOOOOO!!! I had open-bite which didn’t allow me to cut off the lettuce of the hamburger when I had a bite.

54. I sleep sideways, hugging a pillow, always with a blanket on no matter how hot it is. Lately, I sleep naked, still with the blanket on.

55. Alone in bed. Can’t for the fuck sleep with another person on the same bed.

56. I learned to swim by tv, when watching an old tv show called “Ocean girl”. Later learned the four strokes in a normal class and became a competition swimmer. My favorite kind of swimming was actually underwater with monofin swimming. But I never got to buy the monofin.

57. Only time I thought I was really going to die unintentionaly was by almost drowning in the sea in vacations of 2004. All the “my whole life passed by my eyes” crap, came true. On the other side, I had the best time ever afterwards.

58. I’ve only been to the sea once, for 5 days.

59. I never chew gum.

60. I can’t make bubblegum bubbles. Which explains #59. Why would you chew gum without the bubbles?

61. Can’t for the fuck whistle.

62. Had asthma, has hayfever.

63. Never broken a bone.

64. Favorite activities as a little kid were climbing on trees all the time, riding our bikes through scary lands, and exploring dangerous places. The place I used to lived back then was good for those purposes.

65. I love to get letters or emails, love to read about crazy people’s lives, hence my loving for blogs.

66. I am not very materialistic. I only want money so can travel, eat, drink coke, and probably get some good photos whie I do all that.  I can’t understand the “diamonds are a girls best friend”. I don’t give a fuck about diamonds, they’re the same than a really shiny piece of glass. But nobody seems to spend lots of money on glass…

67. Don’t give a shit about expensive cars. Don’t know shit about car brands, car models, car differences.

68. I Want to have lots of money for three main things: 1. Traveling absolutely everywhere. 2. Getting the best food ever. 3. Being able to be lazy without guilt.

69. I “spend songs”. When I find one I’m really crazy about, I would play it for about 100 times, then I’ll get really annoyed by it, and then I’ll hate it. But it’s my way to enjoy them-

70. I am terrible with thing names. Can’t for the fuck remember band names, song names, movie titles, book titles when asked what her favorite ones are in a regular conversation. Ever since I got involved with network sites it has gotten better.

71. Never had chicken pox. It just shows how much of a loner I was in school.

72. I cried like I never had before after watching “50 first dates”. I think it’s the only movie that has made me cry. Reasons are too abstract to be explained right now.

73. Hate being waken up. I woud love to always wake up spontaneously. But of course, Nessa choses profession where she’s waken up repeteadly during the night in her shifts.

74. I was a soprano in my city’s opera choir for a full year. I can’t sing anymore.

75. I’m an O +. I’ve never donated blood. I convince people that donating is good but I never mention the huge needles.

76. I took piano lessons when I was 10. I quit because my teacher was creepy. Seriously.

Now I whine because can’t play an instrument.

77. ly.

78. I’ve always gotten along better with people younger than myself.

79. I panicked about being pregnant once upon a time when it was frankly impossible.

80. Had my first french kiss at the embarrassing age of 15.

81. I like to make people laugh but rarely succeed. I can be lame.  VERY.

82. I don’t like coffee.

83. I have an excellent vision. I’m proud of my eyesight.

84. First time I was ever online was at the age of 12. Became a regular in the internet at age 15 while searching for a pokemon rom for my emulator. Shhh.

85. My ideal way to read a book is from begginging to end with no stop. Reading it by parts is such a waste. When I read “It” on a computer PDF, it took me three days when I barely moved from the computer.

86. I graduated from high school and had my 15th bday almost on the same day.

87. If I had not studied medicine, I’d always wonder what it would be like. And would end up studying medicine anyway. Best way to know it sucks is by doing it.

88. I have dreams every night, always colorful, realistic, long and complicated.

89. Don’t enjoy casinos. Winning gets me too nervious, and losing makes me too angry. Either way it’s not good.

90. I am pro choice – related to abortion.

91. I used to fantasize about having Alex MAc’s powers. Especially the turning into liquid one. Fuck that was EXCELLENT.

92. I don’t think ever want to have children. In part it’s just a rebelion against nature.

93. I was underweight most of my life. The first time I went over 50 kilos was when I started my internship. It was a cool acomplishment.  Right now I’m going to the other side! Hilarious!

94. Can’t cook to save my life.

95. Sometimes I wish I had inherited my father’s awesome green eyes.

96. I’m secretly obsessed with spelling, but never bother people about it.

97. I used to have a book of spells. Old, awesome. And a ouija table. I don’t do wichcraft, it was only for entertainment.

98. I miss my chocolate-shower-fantasy-guy

99. I don’t care much for flowers, except the purple sunflowers.

100. The most important thing in the world is to sleep, and that’s what I’m doing now.

No, no prize, sorry, but I caught you.


7 thoughts on “Happy blog birthday!

  1. i think i didn’t read this properly the first time around, because the more i read (and i haven’t even read finish the second time around) the more i find more stuff we have in common, like A LOT. like reading while eating and not being able to whistle and liking to look at girls and the never mind pet peeve and hating to finish books and hugging a pillow when sleeping and not being able to cook… man, i have a singaporean AND colombian version! hahaha. :mrgreen:

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