The meaning of life

People of all cultures and ages have always asked the big question.

Well, I know the answer. My personal answer anyway, that I actually don’t recommend to follow because it’s not comforting or anything like that.

Long Post Warning!!!

I’m a curious, overthinker atheist. I like that about me. I love how I was raised catholic and after a long time of seeing and thinking, I decided I would think something else than parents, grandma and everyone else. It’s not too common to find other atheists here in Colombia, where almost everyone is Catholic. Still, I like it. Being an atheist leaves all the questions unanswered and sets you free to go anywhere. So far I’ve ended up with answers that have already been found, but it feels nice to know I got there by myself or at least that I got to think about my choice.

One of the things that really impressed me back in school was finding out about Darwin’s evolution theory. It made total sense. Later I loved learning more about Natural Selection and many other things like genetics, heritance and microbiology. It was a big help to solve questions of the type “Why do we feel pain?” “Why do we have eyes?” “Why do we like sex?”
Not THE “What For”, but, more interestingly, THE “why”.

You Are a Copy____________________

You have a pair of eyes. Where did they come from? Your genes programmed them to be there. They in turn came from your parents genes, that came from some grandparent genes, and you should be able to keep going back to the origin of eyes in the genetic pool. If we have eyes right now it means that having eyes is a feature that survived through generations, which means it should have helped or at least not interfered the REPRODUCTION process. REPRODUCTION is all what matters here.

I especially liked something I read recently about the subject, that portrays us living creatures as simple TOOLS for our genes to pass themselves on to the next generation. It makes genes look like the evil plotters whose only objective is to live forever. The genome that codes for creatures with most reproductive success is going to win. “Survival of the Fittest” is not about who lives better and longer, but who is more successful at copying themselves to the next generation.

And just when you thought she wasn’t going to get existentialist::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

So, you are only here because your ancestors were really good at reproduction. The genes that make you have fought all obstacles and survived all generations and are now here. If your genes could have feelings they would be jumping of joy after the big success that is being “alive” right now.

Also, your genes couldn’t care less about how many talents you have, how pretty or smart you are, or how happy you are, UNLESS it contributes on passing those genes you own to the next generation where you won’t be existing anymore but they will. And so on.

So, according to all I’ve said, you’re here only to reproduce sucessfully. That’s your only mission in life. All the people before you had the same exact mission and that’s the reason why you exist now.

Pretty important from an species point of view, but so pointless from a personal point of view huh?

It basically means that you’re here do do Absolutely Nothing.

Life is Meaningless

In the big scheme of things, nothing I accomplish in life has an objective, an impact or a reason. We popped out from the nice living system that was formed, and we’re left in a playground with no rules. Success is nothing, Failure is nothing, Pain is nothing, Happiness is nothing. It’s a big game with no winners, no instructions, no losers, a game that only cares about prolonging its own existence.

And you can’t get out of the game because there’s nothing outside, if you leave, there’s no other games to play, there’s nothing.

These are the kind of thoughts that make me want to stop thinking so much. Because I recognize them as over existentialist, pointless and insanity-drivers. But I can’t help them. And it’s hard to get distracted doing daily activities.

I guess the best way not to get depressed and crazy is to give in the illusion of a life where things matter.

When I realized this I stopped trying to convince people how cool being an atheist was, and debating with “believers.”

Now I say “Lucky Bastards”. After all, you can’t force an illusion upon yourself.

But I still love to be an Atheist.


5 thoughts on “The meaning of life

  1. Yeah, it’s a lot of pointless thinking, it would be easier just not to think about it and live a life. These things haunt you though.

    It’s not like I’m thinking about it 24/7 either. It comes in waves.

  2. i wonder on those people,who think that life has no meaning,its seemes to us that we are here only for sleeping,eating,and enjoying is not mere take forgranted.we are representator of God on earth.And those who denies from the existenice of God,i think they have lack of medietiating power,n they cant explore the secrets of universe.birth of child,rising sun,then night,colours n beauty of universe n multi- creatures on this universe,can a man even made any single spider himself,man is nothing without persistence of God.

  3. It is not a proof of a God to say “Life would be meaningless without God”. Life may actually be meaningless in the sense I have mentioned. Just because you want something doesn’t make it true. Now, finding out that I don’t have to work towards a higher purpose doesn’t mean I should die right now… on the contrary, it makes the world my big playground where I get to do and be anything I want guided by my own reason. I am not to follow religion just because it is conforting and stops me from thinking.

    And no, not because I’m not able to generate a spider by myself it means a God exists.

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