I went to the supermarket some hours ago to buy some groceries for dinner. When I was paying for the stuff, I saw a man trying to place his 1 year old son on the grocery scale, which almost broke the thing, got the cashier upset, and was overall an entertaining scene. Since I am in my pediatrics rotation, I was trying to guess how much the kid would weight based on his age, and then how much ml of X or Y med I would give him based on his weight, etc. Being lost in my geeky thoughts I didn’t notice that the man was staring directly at me, and then came to me quickly, and then said my name with an excited tone.

“WTF… Who’s that?”

“Why does he know my name?”

“maybe a parent of a patient?”

“Why does he know my name?”

“staff from the hospital?”

“Any bells ringing?”


While my mind was taken by this conversation, in the outside there was a brainless mouth saying:

“Heeey you!” “how have you been doing” “long time no see!!!”.

The guy asked me about several people I know, asked about uni… lots of things that led me into believing this was someone I should remember. Meanwhile I kept searching through my mental database trying to find a matching face, clothes, hair, something!

But it wasn’t successful.

Here’s your brain back. We tried, but we couldn’t find a match for you. Sorry.

Mind: “OMFG who the fuck is this?!”

Mouth: “Eeehhh… How is your kid doing?” “Good! What have you been doing lately?”

Mind: “Throw me a clue! Damn it!”

3 minutes pass by…

Guy: “You have no idea of who I am, do you?”

Mind: “D’OH!”

Mouth: “Not really… sorry.”


2 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. It was a classmate from 9 grade, I was 12! But I did spend a lot of time with him. I remember all the things about him and all, but not his face.

    Of course it’s because he’s changed from pole to pole. Skinny, shorter than me, dirty and annoying.–> Fat, taller than me, with a son, a wife, neat clothes.

    How was I supposed to recognize him!
    I guess the embarrassing part was that I didn’t ask and pretended to remember him the whole time.

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