Less Abstract complaints…

– My cellphone Got Stolen (again)!

– One of my new med books, that I had not paid for yet, also got stolen!

– I had 8 babies…. all at once. Well, at least I did for 15 days, while I was at the neonatal ICU. My 8 preterm, incubator-dependant little lizards. I start a new rotation tomorrow and wanted to take pictures of them but…

– The batteries of my camera are dead and won’t return.

– I’m too broke to buy new ones.

– I’ve had to eat hospital food all week, due to being broke.

– Been watching pirate movies with bf instead of going to the cinema due to us both being broke.

– Still 9 months and 12 days until I at least have the possibility of getting a job that pays… even by selling hand puppets.

– Watched The Simpsons-The Movie in English!!! That’s just not right. Ever since the Simpsons started in my life I’ve associated them with the voices in spanish. I didn’t laugh the least bit… I ruined the damn movie!

– What the fuck… wordpress has a word count… now I’m obsessed… 187

– I have to do a presentation… for the first time in 3 months.. I thought homework time was over… It’s late and I haven’t started.

– I have shift tomorrow and I don’t want to!

Oh, life is good. Yay! 222 words!.. damn, I ruined it.


3 thoughts on “Less Abstract complaints…

  1. Ooh, that so sucks about your cell and med book.

    Aww, babies. Have any of the premies died? How do you handle that?

    I get the impression your job doesn’t pay well (which is weird ’cause in Canada nurses get paid well) and you don’t really like your work. Am I off base?

    – Li

  2. Not a bad week at all. It actually was one of my best weeks ever. I love “normal” problems. 🙂

    Yah… One of the premies died last night. Not one of my 8 babies, but another, a new one. He was pretty messed up. They do die with a certain frequency, it’s the neonatal ICU after all.

    Well, I don’t get paid at all because I’m a med intern.
    We actually have to pay them, like any other uni student. Well, we pay uni, and they pay the hospital so they let us practice.

    Life as an intern is not the best ever. Too busy, too stressing, all day taking shit from bigger docs, bad sleep, bad food, sexism, no weekends. It’s supposed to be only a year, and it’s supposed to get better later. Or so they say.

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