Weird things that happen

Well, life is so fucking different right now, but at the same time nothing changes. I already knew that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’m going to be the same person, doing the same stupid things and thinking the same shit over and over. I’ll never grow up. But somehow keep hoping the person I know as “me”, isn’t really the way I think she is, maybe there’s something I will like, somewhere. And at the same time I know that it’s not about it. I try and try to be perfect, so maybe someday I will approve myself. But it’s not about how perfect I can make myself, it just about letting go and just stop trying to be perfect, but how to tuck that in an stubborn brain? Boyfriend knows me and also sights and tells me he wishes I could see myself the way he sees me. All I answer is that there must be something wrong about his taste. 😛 There probably is anyway…


3 thoughts on “Weird things that happen

  1. I am pretty happy that you’re happy my vane. Let the experience and the time mould your spirit, then you’ll notice that you will be a little bit different than yesterday. Places and circumstances form the behaviour. I can assure that.

    I don’t think is a matter of how people see us. It’s a matter of being realistic. Learning to how to roll the wheel is a serious issue. It’s not the same to do it in a rough surface than in a smooth one.

    BTW, I share your bf’s preferences. And i am feel very proud of it. I don’t mind to lose my mind screaming: “Nessaaaaa i fucking LOVE YOU!!!”. In fact, i have done it a few times… i will post some of my insane shouts in youtube someday.

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