Things are strange now. It’s like I took myself to a whole new level in this game that I didn’t know it existed.

Things are all fucked up. Especially the inside of my mind.

Things are normal. All the screams and pain seem to be for me only and last forever, but it’s just the way every other life is like. And that’s still not comforting enough.

Things are good. And I can’t explain why. It’s funny how I can elaborate on how everything is wrong, but when anything feels good I just can’t say anything else about it. It just is.

Things are just… not important right now.

And I’m going to sleep 8 hours tonight. It’s all what matters.


2 thoughts on “THINGS

  1. Imperfections. We’re obsessed with them. I suppose we have do be. After all, if we weren’t, then… Well, everthing would be perfect. Wouldn’t it?

  2. Yeah..If everything was perfect,then…would there be anything left for me to do?


    Things are imperfect..And for me, its perfectly alright that they are imperfect. I have got used to it..

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