Makes My Day!

Hey Sulz! It’s here! It took it exactly 1 month.

I took a crappy picture as soon as it arrived. I promise I’ll get it properly scanned whenever I get the time to steal my aunts scanner.

Know something funny? Your handwritting is strangely similar to mine. I hope I’m not an schizophrenic who sent herself a postcard.

So here it is! Thanks for sending it!


For everyone else, this postcard is part of a blogging project from bloggerdygook. Sending a postcard to make someone’s day, it surely feels good to receive it. I had never gotten one, it is not a common thing to interchange postcards where I live… it’s not part of the culture… or so I believe. So, naturally, when I heard of this project I couldn’t resist to give it a try.

The last postcard I had in my hands was in 7th grade when we made a trip to the Tatacoa desert* and I bought myself a cute postcard with an awesome picture of the landscape…. it was soo good, except that on that day I ate too much and the combination of a full stomach + 4 hour bus trip on a bad road made me end up throwing up all over and…

yeah, not a good ending. But I will take more care of this one, I promise.


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