I’m broken

I’m scared. I feel like something is seriously malfunctioning in my brain. It used to come in waves, but now it’s continuous. It won’t let go, it doesn’t disappear when I sleep, it doesn’t go away when something good happens, it never goes away. It’s getting out of control. I feel like my mind is going to literally break down in pieces. But it never does. It just stays there and I don’t know why. All I feel is a huge urge to escape, but I’m out of options. I can’t go anywhere. I failed. I failed in this game. All I want to do is to quit but I can’t find a way out.

I don’t know what I am holding on to. I’m dizzy. I just can’t see a moment when I’m going to feel better. I won’t get better. I’ll never get better. There’s no good outcome for this.


One thought on “I’m broken

  1. Hola…
    I don’t know who you are or what’s your name..but you’re from Colombia just like me.
    And you describe so well how I used to feel.
    You’re so good at words and writing.
    Yu should write professionally
    Because all what you say is like many women feel in some times of our lives in crisis. There’s so much weight over our shoulders. There are so much deceptions and break downs.
    I’m a little better now.. but I still ask myself or someone up there if it’s enough. If it’s over…
    I can’t take it anymore either.
    Have a hug and Good Luck

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