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Things are good. I have a coke on my desk.

I’m a little bit very sleepy… so don’t expect this post to make much sense at all or follow any train of thought.


Back on the road. Today I got yelled at for not knowing how to do stitches properly. I learned one day but I don’t pay much attention to procedures as I do with theory. In the end of the day though, I knew how to do stitches well… though slowly. I knew internship was the year to learn procedures, and that’s reason #2 why I didn’t pay much attention to how it was done from the beginning. If you don’t mind the stitches part, I’m actually pretty good at this med thing whether I like it or not. And it’s not that I hate it, I just resist against the idea of doing it for a living.


Good bye. I watched it last night. I can’t believe Gilmore Girls is over. Like, forever. No other show has ever made me feel so sad when it ended. It was my favorite show ever, and I think it was like a parallel wold I used to live in one hour a week, and now I feel that the life in Stars Hollow will keep moving on, but I just can’t go there anymore, and won’t get to see what happens next. Weird huh? but that’s what happens to me and shows I like… and books too. I haven’t finished The Dark Tower yet, I can’t read book # 7 because I know that will be all. Once I finish it I won’t get to see what happens next. Of course eventually my curiosity will win, though not while I’m still in my surgical rotation.I’m kinda glad I started with the hardest rotation. Once these 2 months end, anything else will be a walk in the park.

snow walk

She’s all eyes. I was randomly searching google images spending more of my sleep time, when I ran into an awesome image (below). It’s not cool only because it’s a pretty view, it’s cool because… it triggered lots of feelings… it’s not the buildings or the sky… it’s the color, the hue, some abstract thing in the image… something I can’t tell what it is.

I had to make it small, sucky computer can't handle moving around a large img.

They say the sense that is more associated with memory is the sense of smell, smelling something specific could trigger a bunch of memories. For some people, it’s the sounds that count. I don’t care much for either, what triggers memories and feelings in my brain are usually shapes, colors, contrasts, light, dark, a reflection… eyesight. If I want to cheer up, I just have to find something that makes my eyes happy. I wish I could just produce it, but this talentless girl has to work her way into finding some already existent image that triggers something nice inside her brain. I’m an eye pleasing whore… well that sounds strange enough.



Nessa has Hedgehog Dilemma.

I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve felt I belong to something, have a friend for real, have someone to care for. I’m not complaining today, or yelling at the world. I’m just thinking… I don’t know why I have to push myself away from people. I care about so many people, but in most cases I’m unable to show them any affection.

I can’t really promise not to kill you.


5 thoughts on “no subject —

  1. gilmore girls is my all-time favourite tv series ever. i get the latest tv shows really slow here so technically my gilmore girls experience isn’t quite over yet. but i really must buy the entire series in dvd.

    all good things must come to an end, but must gilmore girls end so soon! 😦

  2. Hedgehog dilemma? (That reminds me evangelion)

    I absolutely don’t agree with what you said. If you would push people away, nobody would comment on your blog (At least i wouldn’t). I don’t express affection either. My family knows it, my friends too (And they respect it). It’s just a “cool stealth cuddling style” 😛

  3. Yes, Gilmore Girls ended TOO soon. I don’t mean the ending wasn’t good enough. But it kinda sucks to have a show end not because it’s its natural progression but because of salaries and “creative differences” and things that have nothing to do with the story itself. I knew something like this was going to happen after Amy Palladino left the show.

    Well I’m going to try to get it on dvd too, somehow.

    The hedgehog dilemma is indeed from evangelion, I don’t mean they invented it, they just mentioned it.

    And it’s just that… there’s the internet and there’s real life. What I do in my blog doesn’t mean anything.

  4. Your POV regarding Stars Hollow is brilliant. AND I don’t think your blog is meaningless.

    I sincerely hope your medical career will be successful on all levels.

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