Knit, Nessa, Knit

Los hilos a emplear pueden ser el algodon, en madejas u ovillos, y las hebras de seda, aunque la mas utilizada generalmente sea la lana

Got Tagged by Sulz on “what are you reading?“. Sorry! I don’t own any books in English. πŸ˜› This one was pretty random, it was on the shelf next to me (you’re lucky I just kicked my medical books out of the room for a minute or two or you’d be reading a line about pleural effusion). So this book is really old! (from like 1968). Page 161 happened to be about Knitting. It’s included under a funny title that reads “Feminine chores“. It’s old like that.

Knitting reminded me that tonight Gilmore Girls ends? Or maybe it is next week. I’ve lost track of time. Still, it’s ending. I think it already ended in other countries but tonight it is the end. 😦 And don’t ask me how I got from Knitting to Gilmore Girls.


5 thoughts on “Knit, Nessa, Knit

  1. yes you are totally random. and your blog is too. a ping nearly one year later, and strangely to a different post than the one you’ve linked here!

  2. look at my recent comments! (well i can see it now, but maybe by the time you read this your pingback will be gone from my recent comments) sometimes pingbacks don’t get pinged when you first publish it, so when you edit the post later, whether in the content or categories, that the pingback finally goes through.

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