I was probably 13 when I got hooked on this. I’ve never been an anime fan, but I loved that show from the first time I watched it. Now that I’ve been watching it again, I have no idea what a 13 year old could have possibly liked and understood from it, but it obviously had an impact on me: my very own screen name that I’ve used for years, originated from a character in this show. I actually didn’t like Asuka as much as I liked Rei Ayanami as a character, I probably chose Asuka because the name just sounded so much cooler to me.

Some cool scenes from episode 2! ^_^

I got back to this because 1) someone I know at uni got all the episodes and movies on dvd and burned me a copy, and 2) I heard there’s a rumor of a new movie coming up! “Evangelion the movie” LIVE! Like, with ACTORS. Here’s the trailer.

I don’t know how that would work… I’m too used to the animated version, but it would definitely be interesting. Also, I’m sure they will miss the main point of the series, that it’s the Human Instrumentality Project, the battle within the minds of the characters, and in general, being a psychological thriller. Instead the whole thing will turn into an action movie. You know, the usual MY-GIANT-ROBOT-KILLED-YOUR-GIANT-MONSTER kind of thing.

But it would be interesting nonetheless.

Though, seriously, Elijah Wood? Keanu Reaves? Kirsten Dunst? I don’t know… the pain after Spiderman III is still too fresh…. *shrivers*

Last week My Friend Marcos came to me in panic after seeing Elijah Woods in the trailer, and also because the special effects on the evas (yes, the big robots) look just lousy! Thought he used a much MUCH more hilarious word that can’t be translated from Spanish to English…. Not even from Colombian to regular Spanish… actually, chances are it’s not even a real word!

Of course I have to tell you Marcos, that you have nothing to worry about: Shinji Ikari won’t be played by Elijah Woods, and I can say it won’t happen, because the trailer above it’s FAKE.

But the movie it self it’s real… at least the project of it:

“Its release is currently projected to occur at any time ranging from as early as 2008 to as late as 2015”

So I probably will have to wait all those years, and the futuristic effect it’s probably ruined already. I mean, maybe in 1995 it was possible to think “OMFG, maybe we’ll be like that in 2015!!“, but not in 2008 or anytime after that.

The bright side of it all? NO CAST HAS BEEN CHOSEN YET. There’s still hope in this world.


Untitled Evangelion Project

Live action movie facts

Evangelion Episode 1@YouTube

Off topic note: I AM IN VACATIONS! (one week only, but something is something)


5 thoughts on “Evangelion

  1. Offtopic? Far out!, that’s _the_ topic!!

    I hope not to see you sticking around the net during your vacations… just getaway to a place where there are no patients, lectures and computers 😛

    BTW, what is the hillarious non-translatable word your friend said? “chimba?”

  2. “the pain after Spiderman III is still too fresh….”

    I’m with you there. What a disappointment! Apparently they’re making 4, 5 and 6. I may as well gouge my eyes out now.

  3. Diego, haha, well I had nothing much else to say about it except “I’m in vacations”… unless I started going on about how I’m not really in vacations since I got a few calls yesterday saying I have to do a presentation, print a project, correct some things on other project and take a little exam the teacher decided to create from nowhere on the last minute. Besides I start to be an intern this Friday so I don’t even get another weekend. The last weekend I had was two days ago and I wasted it on another project! So… it’s better to leave it all at “I’m in vacations!”. 😀

    Tanya, They’re making more Spiderman movies? NO WAY. I think you won’t be the only one wanting to gouge your eyes out instead, there will be a fucking eye-gouging spree when that day comes.

  4. >I have to do a presentation, print a project, correct some things on other >project and take a little exam the teacher decided to create from nowhere >on the last minute.

    Bummer!!!! :/

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