Kill’em all.

Oh yay! Almost done! Tonight I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders… it’s not over over yet though. I guess I’m going to feel better next friday night.

Today we had this exam. I kept trying to study the whole weekend, but instead ended up reviewing a few things the night before the exam. Still, I think it was alright in the end… I didn’t know much, so I started trying to make random connections and associations between the answers and it just worked… I could even dare to say that some exams are actually easier when you have no idea what they’re about… well, maybe not no idea at all, but no idea as opposed to having so much information about it that your brain hurts. The information in your head might block your thinking. The teacher who designs the exam maybe relies on the fact that you’ll be too busy trying to remember what the answer could be, rather than giving it any thoughts.

Oh well, enough about it. Although I’m not really done talking ranting about uni.

*People yawn*

GROUPS. How do you handle working in groups? Really, I DON’T KNOW. I have to say it: I really suck at it. I would never say such thing in an interview or something, but I really can’t work in groups. When I’ve HAD to, one of the following things have always happened:

1. The people working with me are sometimes too lazy and irresponsible, and they leave all the work undone until I have to realize I will have to do it all myself. And they usually know it’s going to happen hence the reason they never bother in the first place. So, I do it, but then I feel like going all Beatrix-Kiddo-vs-the-crazy-88 on them. And this is what I’m talking about. Not nice…

Kill Bill

2. I feel the shame for being so bad at working in groups. So I take the lead, and instead of doing it all myself, start delegating work to the people. Sounds good, until the incompetent people show up with crappy things on the last minute. Refer to image above again.

3. I realize nobody else is going to help me so I don’t give a damn about what needs to be done, and as one would expect, nobody else does. So we all get a 0 (ZERO, F, FAIL, NADA, BAD). Then we all yell at each other.

4. I end up in a group of hard workers (FINALLY!!!) So I get lazy and don’t do crap. (Yeah, I know, I know… )

5. I end up in a group of hard workers, I work hard too, and we’re all stubborn. So we all yell at each other until some kind of result comes out from all the yelling, not always a good one.


And that above was my very mature solution for my problem. 😉 I’m going to go to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Kill’em all.

  1. i have plenty of horror stories about group assignments too. i try to have the people i like in my group so that way even if i do most of the work they’re nice about it and realise that.

    and yes, i always get distracted from revison during exam season. i can read twice the speed i normally do!

  2. Haha reading twice the normal speed is a good skill for procrastinators. At least there’s a chance you finish the whole thing despite the distraction.

    It’d be cool if group assignements worked the way they’re supposed to, and the statement “two heads are better than one” were true.

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