Drunk Girl

I admit I don’t do this much, what most consider a sacred part of the life of a university student. The rite of every single Friday… oh Fridays. Fridays are the reason some people live for, as long as there’s beer. I like beer, Lucifer knows I do. But I tend to avoid most of these meetings with my classmates for many, many reasons that I’ll probably review in a future entry… maybe… nah I won’t.

Lately though, with the feeling that the classes are finally finishing, and still in the middle of tons of work, I’ve given in and gone out on a couple of fridays and maybe saturdays, and maybe a couple other days. Good-bye parties, birthday parties and some no reason parties. They haven’t been a blast, just average, but, yeah, there’s beer, people taking pictures, and fun drunk people.

Last night, by 10 pm I had a few too many drinks in my head already, and so did everyone (I know, weird hour: we had to start early (6 pm) because we had to finish early, because we had to wake up very early the next day. Early sucks.) Anyway, by that time, all the liquid that had come in, obviously started claiming for a way out. Now, I must have the biggest bladder ever because I barely feel the need to empty it; however, when I’ve had to, we have been either nearby the campus, or at a friends house, or the bars bathrooms are not that disgusting. But last night… last night none of these options were available! There was a promo of 3 beers for the price of 2, and apparently people got a little bit too excited and completely lost their abilities to aim at anything.

When something like this happens, guys have the greatest advantage ever. There’s always some bush / tree /wall / little plant in the corner /empty glass / passed out person, that will happily help them relieve themselves. Even if there’s a guy who wouldn’t do this (I haven’t met the first one), dirty public bathrooms are not that much of a problem for them.

But really, what is a girl to do, when she has to go pee, and there’s nowhere to?

The party ended early for me (the word early falls short here). Today I got told it went until a bit past midnight, and they noted with surprise that there was no girls left in the end. Shocking!

I should add the pee reason to why alcohol is sexist! Tonight’s party is at a friends house though. That one can go on forever.

I can’t show you pictures of the party, but I’ll leave you with the picture of my cousins puppy, who is an alcoholic. Seriously, on mother’s day he was obsessed with licking every beer bottle he could find. I wonder if there’s an AA for doggies.

Alcoholic Puppy


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