Today it’s Sunday night, again. I don’t have the usual “Sunday night” syndrome though (or maybe I do). It just feels like everything was still, like someone had pressed “pause” on the world. I have a bunch of things left to do but I’m out of gas.

I always look forward to weekends, but the truth it’s that on weekends it’s when I feel the worst. It’s when I don’t have my mind on something to stop me from thinking, and when I can actually look back and see nothing there, and then look forward and see nothing there. And worst, look to this right moment, and see nothing there. This “nothing” person is all around the place.

Don’t you ever find yourself after you’ve done a hard job, not feeling satisfied, but instead wondering if all that was really worth it? And not only that, but also finding out you’re not even halfway though that thing that is not really worth it? How are you ever going to feel motivated enough to finish it?


4 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Ha Ha
    I remember back in the day when I was in year 12 adn 13, and this would happen to me and in the end i would think… why …. for a piece of paper saying she has her sace. But in reality that piece of paper can take you far.

    Sundays though are the days for pausing. They are meant to be days for rest though. well thats how i see it.

    How ever it was also Mothers Day and my day was hectic. But you guys don’t celebrate Mothers Day like we do.

    Take care hunny
    and thanks for my comment.
    sorry you had to log in, hope it didn’t take up too much of your time.

  2. What is happening… I wrote a long comment here and it got lost. It’s happening everytime I’m replying to something you say… lol.

    I guess I just said, we’ll see how that piece of paper helps me in the end… I don’t know if it will, but I got myself into this after all. Something might come up.

    Saturdays are my day of rest. I’m always stressed on Sundays. The work piled up behind, and the work to come ahead.

    And yeah, my family doesn’t celebrate mother’s day that much, we did have a cake for all the mothers of the family, but that was an unusual thing.

    I did have to sign up at your blog, but it was just a couple of links, no biggie, and I love that you’re blogging again, I hope you stay on it. 🙂

    Take care abz.

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