Like Candy

People who are close to me (…or really, anyone who reads my myspace profile) probably know I don’t want children. . . Especially these days, when I get to see 15 pregnant teenagers a day, it makes me go into insane rants about wanting to remove my uterus.

Now don’t come with the “HAHA Don’t want babies? Right, I’ll see you in 10 years”. I don’t want them, and in any case it’s up to me to change my mind if I want to.

Anyway, today I wasn’t thinking about uterus removal or abortion. Just emergency contraception. Yes, there are pills, there are condoms, there are a million things that can be done. But when everything fails, it’s still not an excuse to walk around with a big pot belly a few months later. Or is it? Because lately I’ve seen too many people opposing to the amazing morning after pill, when in my opinion, there should be a fucking dispenser for the damn thing.

Morning After Pill Cartoon

But no, people say it’s abortion, it’s evil, and it kills people, and if you do it you’re an evil murderer who should die in hell for eternity. So what other people do? they get scared, reject the method and prefer to take the risk.

This thing works by either stopping ovulation, stopping fecundation, or stopping implantation of the fecundated thing (the blastocyst at this point). It doesn’t kill any baby in case you care!

To this they also said that stopping implantation counts as baby killing too.

I don’t really understand why these people are so obsessed about keeping alive every single possibility of a human being. I know these 2 cells that turn into a bunch of grapes could be be a human someday. But how often does that happen? According to my Ob-Gyb book, only 35% of all fecundations get past week 28. So, do sexually active women know that even when their bodies are normal, and their fertility is normal, every time they have their period they could actually be expelling the holy mighty egg that never got implanted? If they consider this blastocyst a baby, they could go through life making and losing a considerable amount of “babies”! Do they make a funeral every time this happens? What’s the big deal about stopping a couple other fecundations then?

Why would women put their whole life at risk because of it? Is it because they are such nice and altruistic girls? They can lie, throw litter, cheat on exams, but they can’t take a pill because it’d kill this small possibility of our planet to get another homo-sapiens-sapiens to pollute the world. Yeah, we should give them a Nobel prize.


6 thoughts on “Like Candy

  1. Wrong!! The Nobel prize should be for the men who pass their days avoiding to jerk off. Imagine how many genocides have they kept away?

  2. Well, if anyone ever makes a funeral for spilled sperm, that person it’s seriously troubled… and with a pretty sad life.

    Meh, I better just turn lesbian, that’d cut off 100%. 😉

    Too bad I don’t get along with women.

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