Getting things in order

TODAY is a holiday, but I won’t be doing holiday stuff, just uni stuff. I’m really behind. Like REALLY. I even thought I’d fail and miss another 6 months. All these weeks I was almost sure I wouldn’t be able to finish!

But now I’m doing it, finally. (Or at least I’m done thinking what is it that will take me to finish for real.) There are three weeks left for my internship to start. I have to turn in my degree investigation project, which started like the most awesome thing and ended up as a little descriptive project, more realistic though. (that doesn’t mean the big one isn’t in progress, I just have a really bad deadline and there’s no time for the big thing for now.)

I also have to finish (aka: start) another big paper for gyn/ob, study for two exams of administration, one exam of legal medicine, one big horrible exam of ob/gyn that is worth like 25%. Plus a couple other two other things I need to turn it aswell. Having the usual rotations with the mean teachers meanwhile which means lots of extra work and presentations and annoying stuff.

But it’s really good to think how it’s going to end soon. IT ENDS! I’m almost done with this full time university program.

When it’s over, I’m going to do a shitload of stuff I like.


I’m so happy, I’m willing to ignore there’s one full year of internship left. Where sleeping will be just another thing I used to do. YAY.


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