Alcohol is sexist!

“Alcohol abuse chips away at intelligence more in women than in men, even when less alcohol is consumed over fewer years, new research suggests.”

“The higher percentage of body fat in females means alcohol is twice as toxic (…) World Health Organization’s guidelines define at-risk females as those who consume at least seven drinks a week, and at-risk males as those who consume at least 14.”

Article in the news

This study doesn’t seem to have the biggest evidence level (I’m yet to find the original article in the Journal it was published,) but it’s still scary to think there’s a possibility that its findings are true!! It was bad enough to find out that in general, hispanics have a slower metabolic rate for alcohol than caucasians do, which means we get drunk faster and the toxicity is bigger. So not only alcohol is sexist but also racist! Me being a Hispanic female… it basically means that a bottle of beer is my worst enemy.


6 thoughts on “Alcohol is sexist!

  1. It’s only racist/sexist because some people want it to be. Most are content enough when chosing to get pissed at the weekend.

  2. Forgive my spelling in my last comment and probably this one!

    Give me any drink and I’ll try it. Anything to get release from this boredom and sanity, but it’s still 4 years until I can finally get legally pissed. Nevertheless, there shall be a few good times before that and already has been.

    I mean, alcohol? I’d never touch the stuff…

  3. Haha good boy, stay away from it.

    Curiously, I used to drink more when I was underage. Now I don’t bother much.

    Before 18 I mean, because in some countries I’m still underage.

  4. I generally drink in moderation at the moment. I haven’t been past my limit yet, you know, I haven’t been outta control. I’m still waaay underage though, but there is worse things I could be doing.

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