You’re just somewhere between sort of pretty and sort of ugly… Or maybe, just plain ugly.

It’s monday again nuuuu.

No wait, it’s tuesday.

Either way, another week starts without me being prepared for it. I had an incredibly crappy day yesterday that started early at 5 am and ended not so late thankfully. I’m not going to get into details because 1) it’s not worth it, 2) I don’t want to remember and 3) It’s not a big deal, anyway. The only permanent thing is that I completely destroyed my keyboard trying to clean it, and now I have to get a new one or the computer is completely useless. Seriously, because the bios battery was taken out a while ago, and when you start it it always displays the “CMOS settings wrong” thing and you always have to hit F2 to allow it to start. So basically, no F2 key, no computer. No keyboard, no F2 key, or F1 or F-uck.

So now I’m stuck in the library with 15 computers for 1500 students and have limited time. Wooo!

This morning at the hospital, after me being late without nobody noticing, Dr Luz F (female) takes us to the usual rounds in the Pre-Delivery room, here and there, with a semi big crowd of students and interns around the poor pregnant ladies. Then Dr Fernandez (male) enters the picture and starts talking loudly about some resident admission exams he graded yesterday. Dr LF jokingly askes him whether he is grading knowledge or beauty.

To this he says “hm, I don’t know about that, but if I was to grade you, I’d give you a 3.3 (66%).”

Until this everyone was sort of laughing around but then stopped suddenly, confused and looking at Dr LF. She had a weird face for a couple of seconds but then she laughed, and everyone obviously followed in relief, includying Dr Fernandez, and then everyone went back to work like normal. Nobody ever knew what he meant. First of all, was he grading her 3.3 in knowledge or beauty? 3.0 is the marking pass in here, but it still sounds kind of offensive to be just a bit above the passing mark in either thing. If he meant to be joking, he could have said “HAHA I GIVE YOU A MINUS 5! LOLZ! YOU’RE SO UGLY! YOU SCARE THE BABIES OUT OF THE WOMB!”, because then it would be more obvious that it was a joke. But a 3.3? If he actually think’s she’s a 3.3 who knows, but you don’t just shout a silly number like that to a colleague in front of all of her students. It wasn’t a war declaration either because they get along pretty well otherwise.

For the look in both of their faces, it seems like the whole incident was just some absurd, unintentional thing. Unless he got really angry when she implied he could have been grading beauty instead of knowledge.

Anyway, it was hilarious for the rest of us.

Well I gotta go have lunch.


2 thoughts on “You’re just somewhere between sort of pretty and sort of ugly… Or maybe, just plain ugly.

  1. “It’s monday again nuuuu.

    No wait, it’s tuesday.”

    Lmao!!! That actually made me laugh so much. Maybe I’m too easily amused. Either that, or your blog rocks!!! Maybe both, who knows? You choose.

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