Humans finish what machines won’t.

Google Image Labeler

Now Google allows people to label their images, the more common labels you think of, the more points you get and the higher you get in the rank! it’s a game!

Or maybe just a master strategy. If you were to make a competition between computers and human brains you could say we humans have a lot to lose in many areas. Computers these days are capable of amazing things, they can make incredibly complicated math procedures, take care of millions of things at the same time, keep and sort zillions of different files in their memory, control your buddy list, control your time table, control a satellite on space, control the electricity that goes into our brains to make us think our world is real and we’re alive while we really lie down naked in pink capsules full of liquid! You know, that kind of things.

Of course there are some things computers are not able to do (yet). They can’t vote, roast a chicken, make jokes on their own (not saying all humans can, either), have feelings, lust and all that yada yada. But most importantly: No matter what brand, no matter how powerful the processor, how many the enhancements, how much you love it, or how rich the owner, if you don’t tell a computer that the image it just opened it’s the image of a glass of soda, the computer will never find out. There’s something really wrong with their perception.

Us humans, on the other hand, seem to have an excess of that ability, some weird, constant conversation between our occipital lobe and frontal lobe, especially when it has to do with recognizing faces. Hell, people see a couple dots and a line and that’s a face for them (oh yeah :)), they see faces in the moon, in the clouds, in the bottom of their mug after they’re done with their morning coffee (no joke, entire religions base their faith on this). A baby is able to recognize his/her mother’s face as early as 3 months after birth. Beat that comp brothers! You don’t seem so smart now do you? HA!

Well, how did that happen? Is all that an advantage slowly crafted by evolution? some complicated mechanism that requires ages of neural development? Who cares. All what matters is that they started exploiting this already. Computers wouldn’t learn to recognize images on their own without alternative text(that is placed there by humans anyway), so all they can do is use more humans for this, which would require millions of dollars of hiring, unless you make them –silly humans– think they’re having fun in the process (I’ve already played the google game at least 4 times since I started writing this and still get a low score, damn it!)

This is a great idea.

At least until computers learn on their own, somehow. Maybe teaching them to associate certain patterns with labels people have previously used on them. Who knows.

If they master this, they might start appreciating, and enjoying them…

Then maybe, just maybe they might start creating some of their own…

Then, someday, they won’t need us anymore, except for…

–Matrix nightmare kicks in again–

I gotta go, I have an urge to hit my computer with a hammer to show who is still in charge. Domestic violence? Sue me.


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