Quick -more specific- Rant

How hard is it to search for anything relevant in medicine when you’re a little student! They say all the databases are out there in the open, and my university supplies a couple of passwords here and there. But really, most of the things that really matter are all behind the walls! Pay per view, 30 dollars or so for something you don’t know what is about until you have paid it and read it.

I’m really angry because I had to search for “Urinary tract infections during pregnancy”. Over 2000 results of apparently beautiful interesting stuff in Pubmed. Filtered for free full text: 104. Relevant informative stuff: 0.

At least New England Journal of Med has all content free for Colombia, which is very nice of them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much about pregnancy over there.

Then our dear teacher is going to grade us, and is probably going to say “meh, but why do we need to know that?” or something.

Free the information, damn it!


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