Ohh she will work.

I need to give myself a break from ranting, it just happens when I go so incredibly busy and stressed that every single frustration I’ve collected just pops up like a zit.

Aside from school, which I won’t talk much about because that’d bring my ranting back again, life has been cool lately. I’m excited about my new money-saving abilities. I thought it was impossible for me to raise a decent amount of money without suffering misserably, but I was wrong. It’s working. I’m breaking free from my family tradition of getting everything by credits and loans. Well… not until I finish paying for my little digi camera. Although I don’t regret that. It’s my first camera ever and I love it even thought it only fits like 7 pictures at the time.

Besides, there’s the possibility I’ll get more money soon. There’s the promise of a big English-Spanish translation work from someone who’s too lazy to do it herself. AND, one of my classmates needed extra credits so he took an art class (high credits, high grades) even thought he’s completely not interested in it (which sucks, yea). So he kinda hired me to do all the work on that class, which will probably be around 10 drawings in any technique that “he chooses”.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure I charged too little. My charging abilities are not polished yet. I tend to undercharge too much…

Oh on one last new, I’m considering the option of moving to another city to do my internship, but it’s going to be thought, since my uni is not letting people go so easily. They use interns as slaves, almost literaly. They work their asses off doing most of the job of the attendings, in ridiculous schedules like 4 am to 4pm everyday and all night shifts every third day. No weekends, no vacations. No sleep, bad food. I can work hard, but when I see all that my brain hurts.

We’ll see what happens…


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