My ears actually work.

I found this cool online test about musical skills and how good your ears is in three areas: Tone, pitch and rythm. I was bored, and I took it being sure I would get something bad, because I don’t believe my hearing is too good, I’m always like “What did you say?” “Again?” “huh?” and, when everyone is “did you hear that?” I’m always like “hah”.

Surprisingly I didn’t do too bad and the tests were fun to do.


Here they play some tune, then play another and you have to tell whether the first and second are identical or not. I got confused a few times, but still got 75% correct (normal range, 46th percentile) .


Here they play one beep, then another beep, and you have to tell which one has higher pitch. It went great, I was recognizing frequencies of 0.03-something Hz apart with no errors at all in a sort of hypnotic state. Then I realized I couldn’t go further and lost my concentration and then I screwed up the rest, but it still gave me an average of 0.63 Hz:

“At 500 Hz, you can reliably differentiate two tones 0.6375 Hz apart. At this frequency two semitones are aproximately 30 Hz apart.”

And got me in the “exceptional ear” group within the 87th percentile!! 0.o

Again, one tune (drum beat), then another and then you have to tell whether they’re different or not.

I got 80%, within the “Outstanding performance” group and 72nd percentile.

I liked the last one the best. 😀 If you fail it, it means you suck at dancing! 😛


4 thoughts on “My ears actually work.

  1. #1 Tone deaf
    69.4% = Low-Normal (Normal = 70%)

    #2 Adaptive Pitch
    12 Hz = Low-Normal (Normal = 6 Hz)

    #3 Rhythm
    84.0% = Outstanding Performance (Normal = 60%)

    I really like this. Thank you for making the entry.

    In a way, I do not find my results surprising.

    On another note, I had not previously considered a correlation between one’s capacity to detect minute differences in rhythm and one’s ability to dance. There must be a certain level of physicality to it that is unrelated to hearing.


  2. I found my results for Adaptative Pitch extremelly surprising. I remember I was in kind of a trance when I was taking that test. There was nothing else going on in the universe. I don’t think I can do it again… I haven’t tried but I don’t want to prove myself right. 😛

    It’d be cool if that level of focus was easier to achieve!

    And in regards to dancing, yes, I suppose physicality has a lot to do with it. I for example, am completely uncoordinated (when sober at least). Besides that, I think rythm is what I use the most to help me dancing. If I practiced more I think I would be great at it… not that I’m too interested anyway.

  3. It’d be cool if that level of focus was easier to achieve!

    It is a matter of practice and engaging in activities of interest. It turns into a form of meditation. Over the years I have experimented with the conscious generation of different levels of awareness and achieved much success. The symbiotic existence of relaxation and focus breeds a potently addictive high.

    You are correct in that it can be described as a ‘trance.’ There is a tremendous majesty in the human mind operating at such optimum levels. In that state, it is understood that true power comes from mastery over consciousness. It is potential and realization in one—the reason for our continual existence being engineered purpose.

    I for example, am completely uncoordinated (when sober at least).

    Alcohol that improves coordination? O_o

  4. You could say alcohol just makes the fact that I’m uncoordinated less apparent to me.

    But I don’t think so. It’s kinda like the trance we’re talking about. Once I get a little more relaxed and less self aware, my mind goes blank and everything seems to flow.

    I’m talking about one or two drinks though. I’m sure I look like a maniac after some more, but then again, everyone else is in the same state of mind, so at that point nothing matters.

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