25 de Diciembre.

I’m bored. Three minutes til midnight. Then it’ll be Dec 25.

Plans for today were: family meeting, doing the novena, singing carols, seeing all the cousins you don’t get to see any other time of the year, eating tons of food, present opening, watching your aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and cousins getting drunk… etc. Not the fanciest thing ever, but that’s what had happened EVERY single year ever since I was born except for today, so I guess that’s why I miss it. My dad got sick around 5 pm today, so we stayed home taking care of him, thinking he’d feel better soon, but he didn’t feel better so soon, and now everyone is asleep. My dad is the stubbornest person in the world, walking around there with a heart condition and not wanting to even get near a doctor. I finally convinced everyone else in the family to try and convince my dad to get an appointment. Yea, I’m a med student, but last time I checked, I don’t have EKG machine hands or prescription powers… at least not yet.

Anyway, it’s all good. Family sharing time happened during the day, we went to this awesome little place somewhere. It was like a little piece of heaven. And the food was great. I think I ate half my weight around 1 pm, and I’m still full. Great, unhealthy stuff. No wonder why my dad got sick.

I can’t believe it’s christmas time again. I feel like last years christmas was a month ago. Time going so fast just tells how old I am. I remember being 5 and thinking one single day was an eternity. Now I’m 20 and days seem to go by and you don’t even notice them, even when you really want to notice them and get everything out of them and do all that carpe diem shit. No, you just end up sitting outside, in front of a great sunset, sighing and wishing you could invent an immortality potion. Stay 20 forever. Because if you never die or get old, then there’s no hurry to do all that stuff you want to do, right.

So… I’m not that very cheered right now (oh! Shocking!). I would be asleep, but I’m too wide awake for that… More like: wide awake/relaxed/lazy/axious/autistic. And the computer is the only one who is able to deal with that weird combination of moods.

Heeey, it’s midnight. There are fireworks outside. Those are always cool. I find amusing how now they are more loud than pretty. But I still like them.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. Despite my today’s anti-holidays mood, I really hope everyone in the world that I know had an super incredibly amazing time today.

I’ll leave now with a couple of pics of my fam this afternoon.

Lil bro and dad, and of course, me in the center getting immensely chubby and betraying coke by drinking pepsi.

Me, mom, bro, in the lake.

My parents.

My surrogate cousin, Mr Llama.

That’s all folks.


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