I am Twenty.

Long time since my lastest post. 9th semester has really been annoying and time consuming, but now there’s only 1 week left of it, so it’s alright.

I guess a lot of things have happened, starting because the last time I posted I was 19. Of course I still think I’m 19. Being 20 is funny. I feel like I was supposed to be doing all these things, like something big, so one day i can say things like “Ohhh this happened when I was 20”. I know I’m being silly though, it’s all good.

cyanide and happyness

I’m too lazy now to register all the things that have happened, I can’t even remember much. I’m in a weird state right now, the night-before-the-big-exam syndrome I guess. Which isn’t weird anymore, is just that it makes me do all the things that would keep me off my books. Like blogging for no reason. Blogging when I’m not being emo-ish and dramatic makes it a short entry, there’s nothing to whine about, and I tend not to talk much about the happy stuff, I dunno why. 😀


One thought on “I am Twenty.

  1. I’m turning 26 in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to impart some wonderful knowledge I received from an older friend just before I turned 20. She said that no matter how eventful your life has been so far, the stuff that happens in your 20s will eclipse everything. You’ll fall in love (probably more than once), get to know who you REALLY are, finally figure out what you want to do and every year things will get better and better. It doesn’t mean that bad stuff will never happen, but when it does it will just show you how much better things are going to be when you get through it.

    I thought that was bullshit, but it’s turned out to be quite accurate 🙂

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