I love lightning

Oh, going to a salon has to be one of the coolest things ever, so relaxing. I’m getting my hair straightened this week, but today I just got my hair thinned out. It was getting out of control…again. And of course, if I have less hair, then I’ll spend less of that straightening chemical, which means I’ll spend less money in general.

But…. oh yea, the relaxation. Water of different temperatures running all over your hair, nice smelling stuff everywhere… I sound like I was high.

They said it was going to be sunny and dry like a desert over here until February. But then…

Neiva, Colombia

CLOUD! I think I saw a cloud over there. And indeed there was one, and many more came after that one, so many that right now I’m under a kinda scary storm. I’m surprised the electricity is still here. I swear I saw the biggest lightning ever earlier, something like this:


Yea, it sucks that I don’t have reflexes that react in 0.0000000000098798 milliseconds, or I would have taken a picture of the one I saw and not have to google it.

So I finally had some time this 3 day weekend to organize some of the pictures I had stored somewhere in a basement.

My house

I took a picture of that one afternoon. That’s my house. Lots of green for some reason.

Just don’t stalk me.

We were on a trip to the hot water pools of Rivera.

Termales de Rivera

And that’s one of the pools (the cold one though), with no people in it. Really.

I have more pics of that, but photobucket just informed me they decided to go under site maintenance just NOW and my uploading abilities are sort of restricted….

Meh, I’ll just keep posting the ones that were there already.

Blurry me.

Asentamiento Alvaro Uribe Velez

A house in one of the poorest “neighborhoods” of Neiva. We were looking for children with no access to health services and that sort of stuff. It’s a sad view around there, but I really like how this picture looks.
cinemark colombia

A memory of movie night last Saturday with giant coke and giant pop corn. Heaven. I watched “Click”. Thought it would suck, but I loved it.

Familia Rojas Munar

I got this picture today in a visit to my grandma. I totally love it. 1970ish. My grandma (86 years old now) and my grandpa (who I never met). The kid in the middle is my dad when he was about 13, and the girls on the sides are my aunts. There are other 3 uncles who are in all the rest of the pictures, so I assume that this particular picture was meant for the parents and the girls of the house and my dad is just there because he’s a camera whore. ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok, that’s all for now, I need to sleep. The weekend is over.


8 thoughts on “I love lightning

  1. yes! click was awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ philosophical and funny. i’ve been wanting to see your house for a while. now i have…

  2. Nessa, your house looks fantastic from the outside. I like the architectural mix of traditional elements like the fencing and mural with the modernism of the rectangles near the roof and glass at either side of the main door. That type of green paint works. Homes that make use of and blend into the environment are extremely appealing.

  3. Yes! I love the way the house looks. My mom wants to change teh color but I like the current one. I always feel like the tree is hugging the house or something. It looks like that from the other side of the street.

  4. I always feel like the tree is hugging the house or something.

    I fancy the way you phrased that.

    About your mother . . . she needs to keep away from the exterior whenever she is in possession of both paint cans and paint brushes.

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