It’s 2016!

Having this blog still published is very strange. I haven’t had the heart to delete it, even though it ran from years 2006 to 2009 (mostly); I was very young and it hurts a little to read some of what I wrote. A lot has changed, I was around 20 and very immature (I think […]


I don’t want to get rid of my blog, so that’s out of the question for now. But I liked writing in here, and I don’t do it anymore.   One big cause of my not blogging is the fact that I finally found someone, who is my best friend in the world.  Never in […]

Epic Failure

As you must imagine, my imaginary reader, my blog traffic has decreased to the occasional bot, but this is just in case.  Been debating whether to part entirely from my blog or to post the occasional thing.  I suck at getting rid of things, so it seems like it’s going to be the latter.  Thank […]


It is been almost a month since the last time I posted.   Opps. My moods aren’t any better or any worse than they were before.  There is too much going on and I physically don’t have the energy to write out my thoughts in here.   From what I’ve read, many people in my blogroll aren’t […]

Still alive, blog stuff and updates.

I’m really sorry for the lousy and infrequent updates of late.   I have been caught in “same old” depression.   Same old depression means that my life has been exquisitely boring, with lots of sleeping, walking in smelly clothes after not changing for several days, and random moments of anxiety and thoughts of doom. […]